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Community of
owners insurance for buildings

Insurance designed to protect the assets of communities of neighbours and owners of buildings against risks that may endanger both the community elements and the private elements of each home.

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Assistance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a simple call we immediately resolve any problem that may arise in the building. We provide a qualified professional with free travel costs, with the insured party paying the cost of labour and materials used.

We care about people.

We guarantee the costs of urgent medical assistance in the event of an accident of an employee. If a person from outside the community suffers an accident in the recreational area due to a defect or fault in the building, the damages that he may suffer are also covered by the civil responsibility. In addition, we also cover the theft of clothes, jewellery, cash and other objects of personal use of co-owners and tenants in the event that they are robbed inside the building.

Why Galpe means security.

We cover theft and robbery of communal furniture, replacement of keys and locks of access doors to the building and restoration of the aesthetic harmony of the building.

In addition, by taking out legal protection cover we claim on behalf of the Community of Owners against defaulting owners who are not up to date with the payment of general expenses. We also cover with this guarantee the civil liability of the Governing Board of the community as a consequence of errors, negligence or omissions of the board and civil consequences of the loss, theft or destruction of documents entrusted to it.

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