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Cyber Security Insurance
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Reale Seguros and Galpe Agencia de Seguros would like to introduce a new specialised department that will complete our range of products and services aimed at your company’s internet security.

Galpe Ciber Seguridad is a new line of insurance that we have created with your peace of mind in mind. We know that security comes first, and that is why we offer you a comprehensive solution with the best coverage for your company’s internet security.

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Cyber Security insurance

At Galpe Agencia de Seguros and Reale Seguros we want to promote the use of security services among small and medium-sized companies, which is why we have created Reale Ciber Seguridad, an innovative solution that offers a different and comprehensive insurance proposal to the traditional concept of the Civil Liability branch, aimed exclusively at SMEs and businesses.

We have the Cyber Security insurance that every SME needs.

We protect your SME from cyber-attacks with the insurance that best suits your needs.

We offer you a solution for SMEs that includes insurance for your own damages and Civil Liability for third parties in the field of cyber security as well as an Information Security Prevention Service.

The main features of Reale Ciber Seguridad are as follows:

Integration of prevention within the policy. By means of an innovative service of unlimited use from the initial moment the policy is taken out.

Consisting of:

– External and internal analysis of the client’s computer networks, executing the appropriate correction processes in each case.

– Personalised adaptation of the data used by the client to the LOPD regulations.

Technical assistance in the event of intrusion by third parties into the insured party’s computer systems.

Protection against third party claims for:

– Breach of the duty of custody of data.

– Transmission of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.).

– Defamation in corporate media.

Organic Law on Data Protection

Companies, by law, are obliged to protect files containing sensitive data of natural persons.

The service of adaptation to the LOPD consists of a prior analysis of the sensitive files containing this data.

The creation of a security document and its registration with the agency will allow the company to control possible leaks and avoid sanctions.

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