Galpe Insurance Agency considered one of the most “humane” insurers in the market

The exemplary way of working of the exclusive agency of Reale Seguros, is to stand out in these “crazy times”. We need today more than ever, companies that are faithfully committed to the proper execution of their actions and that ensure their relationship with the consumer in a more “human” way. Galpe Exclusive Insurance Agency insists on a totally independent and close treatment.

Thus, it takes into account the personal situation of each of its clients. This is the big difference with an insurance agency that is limited to “sell, sell and sell.” The Malaga Insurance Agency expresses its way of working in a slogan that says a lot about itself: << The peace of mind of having an expert by your side >>.

They describe in this way the “3 C’s” deposited with each of their clients: * C * ercanía, a more humane treatment. Actively listening and understanding 100% what the client really needs is the most common way of working at Galpe. * C * onfidence, the agency’s top priority. Thus demonstrate a job well done and they show their clients that they can count on them, in the event of any problem that may arise on a day-to-day basis * C * commitment to results. Meeting customer expectations, both when they enter and when they leave the door, is a primary objective at the agency.

The clarity in the delivery of the insurance and the honesty in what is contracted are impeccable values ​​in the Reale Seguros insurance company. Do you want to know more about Galpe Agencia de Seguros? On its website (, you will find much more about its work philosophy, in addition to learning more about the variety of products it offers.

If you are thinking of contracting some type of insurance, you can contact them without any type of commitment, at or directly by calling them at 952 56 97 40.