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Home insurance
for your dwelling

A home insurance policy that covers the damages to your home and those that you may cause, with which you will always have the necessary coverage and the best premium, and without paying more for guarantees you are not going to use.

At Reale we have a home insurance policy that adapts to your flat, loft, attic, ground floor, country house, semi-detached or detached house.

Different types of insurance with the guarantees you need to adapt to the different situations in which you use your property, whether it is your habitual residence, you have it unoccupied, you rent it out or you use it exclusively for holidays or weekends.

Your reliable

home insurance

Main Home Insurance

The most complete protection for your home. The place where you live and where you have all your belongings and memories, deserves to be protected against an accident with our most complete product in guarantees, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Rental Home Insurance

If you have a rented house, this is your option for insuring it. Protect yourself from the most common mishaps and prevent it from becoming a headache. Specific coverage for the landlord, such as non-payment of rent by the tenant. All the security you need to rent safely.

Holiday Home Insurance

If you have a property that you only use occasionally, on holidays or weekends, this is your best option for insuring it. As it is uninhabited most of the time, you need to protect it from the damage that can be caused by an accident, with a repair service that helps us to solve them quickly and easily. Pay only for the cover you need. The most complete protection at the best price.

Unoccupied Home Insurance

Having an uninhabited house that you don’t use doesn’t mean that unforeseen events can’t happen to you. If this is your case, we have the best option for insuring it. Don’t overpay on your policy for cover you won’t need.

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