Baviera Golf renews its fleet of buggies and relies on the products and services of Riversa, Reale Seguros & Galpe

The Bavarian Golf Club renews its fleet of buggies with Riversa, a company of importers and distributors of products and machinery for the professional care and maintenance of grass and golf courses.

On this occasion, the chosen model is the Club Car, a state-of-the-art vehicle, characterized by its resistance and maximum reliability.

This vehicle ensures a very comfortable, safe and silent transport. The relationship between Baviera Golf and Riversa is determined by a close relationship in which, thanks to this union, they have been able to renew their fleet with 15 new high-end vehicles so that their clients can enjoy golf more comfortably. In this link of large companies in the golf sector, Reale Seguros and Galpe Agencia de Seguros could not miss, who have agreed on a policy specialized in buggies for the tranquility of the Baviera Golf golf course, who have insured the entire fleet with insurance at all risk for cover all the needs of the golf course and its players.

The formation of this tandem of companies has the objective of providing a unique customer service, guaranteeing a quality and efficient service for all Baviera Golf members and golfers.