Los Naranjos Golf Club continues to trust the services of Reale Seguros & Galpe

We don’t have clients, but friends! Like the Los Naranjos Golf Club, which have been trusting the services of #Galpe for no more and no less than 12 years.

This year we have organized the Galpe-Reale Seguros Tournament in April and “Cariño” is the word that describes the feeling we get from the day of the Tournament for members of the golf industry that we have held at Los Naranjos Golf Club .

An event for the entire golf industry nationwide, a tribute that we wanted to carry out to strengthen this great family after the hard times experienced in this sector by the pandemic. At the same time, this year we will be by his side at the Spanish Open of the Ladies Tour, an event of great importance in the golf sector at a national and international level. Los Naranjos Golf Club, one of Marbella’s most pedigree clubs, will open its doors from November 25 to 28 at the Andalusia Costa del Sol Open in Spain, a decisive test and the perfect culmination of the Race to Costa del Sol, the order of merit of the Ladies European Tour.

His journey will serve to identify the winner of this prestigious tournament and the first classified in the ranking of the circuit, a double crown that last year the Danish Emily Kristine Pedersen was awarded after fighting an exciting duel with the Spanish Nuria Iturrioz and Ana Peláez .

The Spanish Women’s Open will be sponsored by Reale Seguros and Galpe Agencia de Seguros, who will, as always, support golf for its promotion and dissemination.

Baviera Golf renews its fleet of buggies and relies on the products and services of Riversa, Reale Seguros & Galpe

The Bavarian Golf Club renews its fleet of buggies with Riversa, a company of importers and distributors of products and machinery for the professional care and maintenance of grass and golf courses.

On this occasion, the chosen model is the Club Car, a state-of-the-art vehicle, characterized by its resistance and maximum reliability.

This vehicle ensures a very comfortable, safe and silent transport. The relationship between Baviera Golf and Riversa is determined by a close relationship in which, thanks to this union, they have been able to renew their fleet with 15 new high-end vehicles so that their clients can enjoy golf more comfortably. In this link of large companies in the golf sector, Reale Seguros and Galpe Agencia de Seguros could not miss, who have agreed on a policy specialized in buggies for the tranquility of the Baviera Golf golf course, who have insured the entire fleet with insurance at all risk for cover all the needs of the golf course and its players.

The formation of this tandem of companies has the objective of providing a unique customer service, guaranteeing a quality and efficient service for all Baviera Golf members and golfers.

We cover your life as a golfer

We largely guarantee the membership fees and / or subscribers in the event that the player suffers an accident and / or illness both while playing the game and in their professional and / or personal life.

From Reale Seguros y Galpe Agencia de Seguros we want to present you a new product that we are going to commercialize that will complement our range of insurance for the world of GOLF with the intention of solving sick leave due to accidents and / or illness of members and golf players. .

The purpose of this policy is to guarantee to a large extent the membership and / or subscriber fees in the event that the player suffers an accident and / or illness both while playing the game and in their professional and / or personal life. In that case, Reale Seguros would compensate a chosen insured sum with which the player would compensate the subscription and / or installment for the current year.

What does this policy cover me? In the event that the Insured is on leave for a period equal to or greater than 31 days, the company will indemnify the Sum Insured chosen by the one who is close to his current annual subscription. Likewise, a capital of € 25,000 is protected in the event that the Insured suffers death and / or disability as a result of an accident.

How long am I insured ?: The coverage is 24 hours and covers all accidents and illnesses in your private and / or professional life. Is it necessary to be working to be able to subscribe this policy? No, anyone over 14 years of age can subscribe this insurance without an age limit, so it can be subscribed by both a person who is working and in retirement.

What documentation would I have to provide in the event of a claim? If you are working, the leave in social security, if you are retired, the appropriate medical reports. In any case, the company can send a doctor to inquire about your state of health and evolution of the illness or accident.

Once the compensation is received, what happens with the policy? On the moment the compensation is received, the policy is terminated and a new policy can be contracted to cover the payment for the following year. We leave you our information so that you can get in touch for more information: info@galpeagenciadeseguros.com

The great advantage of Reale Seguros motorcycle insurance

Reale Seguros y Galpe has its specific product for motorcycles and it is called ‘Reale Moto’.

After extensive market research, this new product has focused on the protection that motorcycle users demand, with new guarantees, some included as basic guarantees, and others optional. In addition, the range of modalities that responds to the diversity of the two-wheeled fleet and the different needs of customers is expanded.

Under the claim of “The insurance that never goes up if you are a good driver”, this new product takes into account the experience in the renovation process because the non-accident rate and the increase in the age of the motorcycle are rewarded.

In the complete range of modalities, according to the needs of each client, it incorporates new guarantees, among which we find from Fire, included as a basic guarantee, to Repair or Replacement of clothing and helmet in case of being damaged in an Accident, or the Management Service of Fines and Alerts Resources in official gazettes. In addition, from the Third Party with Theft mode, up to € 400 of Accessories are included by default.

Regarding the rate, its calculation has been simplified, which will be based mainly on the client’s profile, the type and age of the motorcycle, which considerably reduces the quotation and issuance process.

Reale Moto also incorporates all the advantages of a digitized solution, such as the possibility of paying by card of the first receipt of the policy, or the optional electronic signature, which provides the customer with the convenience of the transaction and the immediate receipt of your documentation, or saving paper, with which Reale Seguros contributes to the care and protection of the environment, one of its strategic objectives.